What is Reinventa ?

Re! Nventa presents itself as an opportunity for ICT professionals, marketing, managers, as well as tourism professionals to come together and together present innovative and disruptive solutions in response to the challenges that the new normality has placed on the tourism sector and, to all ecosystem involvement, directly or indirectly.

Who can participate?

The teams must consist of individuals aged between 18 and 45 years old, of Cape Verdean nationality, residing in the islands or in the diaspora, with Higher Education or Vocational Training (level 4 or 5).

Do you have a limit number of elements per team?

Yes, applications must be made by teams of a maximum of 06 (six) elements and a minimum of 03 (three) elements, of free composition.

What is the professional profile required of candidates / teams?

Applicants must have training and / or experience in at least one of the areas below:

Designer / UX;
Tourism or Tourism Planning;

Can participants participate as members of more than one team?

No. A participant can only be part of a team.

Can teams participate in the ideas / call for solutions contest with more than one solution proposal?

Yes, they can, provided that they are framed in the same thematic area.

How to proceed in case of change in the submitted application?

The team should contact the organization through the info@reinventa.digital.cv and proceed with the re-enrollment

What are the thematic areas defined?

Accommodation and Catering;
Travel Agencies, Tourism Guides and Taxis;
Diversified Tourist Offers

What does the opportunity / challenge directory consist of?

The Challenges / Opportunities Directory, the reference base for the solutions to be presented.

What are the phases of this program?

Phase I - Call for Solutions - Ideas Contest
Phase II - Hack the Gaps - Hackathon
Phase III - Presentation of the solution (MVP) and respective Model / Business Plan

How will the announcement of the selected teams be made?

The announcement of the teams selected to participate in the Hackathon will be made on the program page and, other platforms and social networks associated with it.

Will the hackathon have a participant limit?

Yes, Hackathon will have a total limit of 120 participants distributed among non-IT (Management, Tourism and Marketing) and IT (Analysts, Designers and Developers / Programmers) technicians.

How to proceed in case of withdrawal?

In case of withdrawal, the selected team must communicate its decision to the program organization in writing via email info@reinventa.digital.cv

How will the award be made?

The Prize Value for the winning teams, (1st place), for each thematic area is 800,000 CVE (eight hundred thousand Cape Verdean escudos)